AFK 150

“Solid State-of-the-Art” Guitar Amplifier

The Baroni AFK150 is a true 150 W rms Guitar Hybrid Amplifier that boasts a dual Channel TUBE Preamp section, featuring a hi-voltage ECC81 tube that enriches sound, dynamics and harmonic content, adding warmth and a huge bottom-end response typical of real Tube Amplifiers. The CLEAN channel is designed to recreate the warmth and brilliance of Vintage Amps of “blackface” era, and it’s the perfect companion to your pedalboard. The DRIVE Channel, is designed after our award winning GURUS Doubledecker mkII preamp pedal, which recreates the classic sound of Vintage British stack amps, from edge to hi-gain distortion. Both channels have separate tone stacks. Separate Gain and Volume for each channels,plus Master Volume and master Presence complete the palette of colors available to create your perfect sound.

Regarding the amp format, we thought: let’s do something different…Let’s make a Desktop/ Cab Top amplifier.

The AFK150 can fit on home studio’s desk, ready and waiting for you when you’re ready to record that killer guitar track. Also the AFK 150 looks right on stage on top of your speaker cabinet. The wooden sides are easy detachable and let you use your AFK150 on your pedalboard as a pedal, featuring a classic footswitch on its top panel to switch between the channels. A Remote Switching socket on the rear panel, will work with any standard latching type footswitch, and let you change channels when using it as a desktop/cabtop unit.

Main: 100 to 240 VAC 50/60Hz, max consumption: 190 W
Output Power: 150W rms @ 4 Ohm
75W rms @ 8 Ohm
40W rms @ 16 Ohm

220mm. (8,6”) 130mm. (5,1”) 35mm. (1,3”) 

Total power efficiency: PO= 150W – 82%
THD +N @1Khz, full rated power, < 2% Output referenced idle noise – <91uV, A-weighted
Dynamic range: A-weighted – 110db
Bandwith: 20 Hz – 20Khz @ nominal power
Presence +/- 6db @ 3,5 Khz
Clean Channel Tonestack: Bass +/- 6db 60Hz
Middle +/- 6db 630Hz
Treble +/- 6db 6Khz
Drive Channel Tonestack: Bass +/- 6db 80Hz
Middle +/- 6db 720Hz
Treble +/- 6db 5,5KHz

Today’s market offer a wide array of products feature-packed to play at home, or direct into a PA for live applications, a full-on digital reproduction of everything, preamp simulation to output tube simulations, profiling, modeling, Impulse response, able to navigate through a world of options that aren’t always manageable. We went a different way: Going old school. We designed our AFK150 focusing only on sound. With the obvious advantages of an hybrid amp like weight, size, portability, reliability and just the few options you might need to gig around or recording at home and in studio.

Our idea can be found with the hashtag “#dontgodirect, we strongly believe the real sound of a professional amplifier in a live environment, must be captured by a mic in front a good speaker cabinet. This is how it’s been for over 70 years of live gigs and recordings and…. that’s what we like! We studied, experimented, and worked hard in the last 14 years to make a “solid-state-of-the-art” class D amplifier and power supply, to really create something that emulates like no other the characteristics of a real tube amplifier.

We are confident that any A/B test of the AFK150 with a classic 100W tube head, Volume, richness, fast response, dynamics, and overall tone and ability to sound great with pedals in front of it, you’ll be hard pressed to hear any difference. Use it to record a track with or without a speaker connected, or use our analog CabSim, or go direct and apply your favorite cab sim software.

In the past, solid state amplifiers have been used mostly for economical/entry level products, but this was not due to a lack of quality of Solid State technology, which has hugely evolved in the last 15 years .
Remembering legendary solid state amplifiers like the great sounding Roland JC120, but people always seem to have preferred Tube Amps. Now a lot of guitarists have moved to digital, but often come back to tube amps cause they feel they’re missing something in terms of sound quality, and now due to the tube shortage, maintenance costs, and issues like weight, size, and reliability. We now have presented them perfect solution with an Hybrid Tube/Class D amplifier that combines the best of both worlds. The AFK150!

A solid state amp, like any other amplifier, is not magical and even if it has a very high efficiency rate, it can’t produce more energy than what it takes from an electric network to operate. It uses a portion of that energy to power its own circuits, there’s some loss due by transformers, vents, and other components, part of this energy is also converted in heating and that’s why no circuit operates at 100% efficiency. That said , The AFK150 is a REAL 150 W RMS (that is a standard measurement “Root Mean Square”) amplifier and in order to produce that 150 W RMS @4 Ohm, it has a total maximum consumption of 190W…The power consumption must always be indicated on a device label so, please be sure check it. If your “Amp” is rated 200 W (often without mentioning which kind of Watts, there’s “musical” Watts, PMPO Watts,..) and the max power consumption is “55W”, there’s something wrong .. you may have bought a “magical” device, which may be something not quite what it should have been .. Long story short: The max power consumption must always be bigger than the power produced.


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