We trust in what we do


Anti pop, Golden Pin Relay assisted TBP


A real amp in your hand

4 Heads Stereo Vintage Italian Echo

20 Outs 6000mA PSU

Classic American Tone

Classic British Tone

Analog Guitar Interface

5 Freaky Modulating Multi-Algorithms

Analog/Digital Multieffect Ambient

Analog/Digital Multieffect Modulations

80's Classic Analog Chorus

Vintage Drum Echo Machine

Doug Aldrich Germanium RAT


The tech gurus of the past designed some of the most iconic devices in the history of music. By taking our inspiration from these esteemed gurus, we have breathed new life into some of these historic pieces of gear- like the venerable Binson Echo, the Teletronic LA, Gilmour’s Doppolas rotary speaker system and even the Dumble and the more iconic Marshall amps. We do this with love, passion and deep respect for the original projects, but with new-found solutions allowed to us by modern technology.

Binson inspired 4 Heads Vintage Echo Machine

Gilmourish Rotary Speaker System

Dumble-ish Overdrive with Blend Opt.

Hi-Voltage Tube Distortion

Studio-grade Tube Optical Compressor

Reissue of the legendary Binson Echorec

2 Marshalls in a box and much more

100W RMS 2 Channels Guitar Amplifier

200 W RMS Bass Amplifier

Doug Aldrich signature 2 Channels guitar amp

200W RMS 2 Channels Guitar Amplifier

Hybrid Tube Guitar Amplifier

Hybrid Tube Guitar Amplifier

In the music industry, Baroni means innovation: from classic pedals and amp circuits, to game changing marvels like the astonishing Miniamp line. After years of dedicated R&D, Baroni-Lab is able to offer uncompromising tone, quality and power (up to 200w RMS) in a pedal platform format amp. Our same attention to quality and details is applied to our line of hand built tube amplifiers. We search the world to bring together the best of components to produce top-of-the line amps without gimmicks; pure innovation, pure quality tone.