In the music industry, Baroni means innovation: from classic pedals and amp circuits, to game changing marvels like the astonishing Miniamp line. After years of dedicated R&D, Baroni-Lab is able to offer uncompromising tone, quality and power (up to 200w RMS) in a pedal platform format amp. Our same attention to quality and details is applied to our line of hand built tube amplifiers. We search the world to bring together the best of components to produce top-of-the line amps without gimmicks; pure innovation, pure quality tone.

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200W RMS 2 Channels Guitar Amplifier

Doug Aldrich signature 2 Channels guitar amp

200 W RMS Bass Amplifier

100W RMS 2 Channels Guitar Amplifier

Vintage Germanium Fuzz Style

80's Analog Stereo Chorus

Vintage Colorsound Fuzz Style

Gilmourish Compression/sustain

Screaming Overdrive

Classis Distortion

Vintage Analog Flanger

Gilmourish Ram's Head Distortion

Vintage Drive/Distortion

Digital Delay

Gilmourish Distortion


Our international team of young engineers, leaded by Ugo Baroni himself, uses modern technologies and last generation machines to reach the best results for any new design they approach.


Italian design with elegant boutique components and ergonomic features, our products are developed for discerning tone chasers.


Each pedal is meticulously built, giving attention to even the smallest of details. Guaranteeing pedals built to last a lifetime.