Reissue of the legendary Binson Echorec

After four years from his launch, being awarded and used by some of the most important musicians in live shows and in their records such as:

Steve Lukather, Alan Parsons, Doug Aldrich, Guy Pratt, Motorhead, Skunk Anansie, Bon Jovi, PJ Harvey, and many, many others.
it was the time for an update to our beloved Echosex. It’s with a big pleasure that we want to introduce the newest ECHOSEX 3°, a new version of our legendary echo unit updated.

The NEW Echosex 3° reproduces a single Head of the vintage Binson Echorec but with the ability to move that head to change the delay time like a modern delay  with the same vintage sound!,  Gurus has improved the preamp section which now runs at 262Volts (Just like the vintage Binson!)  this makes for huge headroom, results in accentuating the harmonics. This improved input section is now impossible to saturate even with strongest signals from powerful humbuckers, active basses, Fx loops or Keyboards/Synths… The tone is pristine and dynamic, Gone is the “hiss” found in longer delay time settings however there’s no loss of the “dark” character of the vintage “Tape” or “Magnetic-Drum” echo units.

True bypass with golden pin relay, the unit is super quiet with no perceptible noise Plus the slightly smaller box and new “top jack” configuration will make for an easy fit into any pedalboard.

Power In 12VDC (negative TIP)
Consumption at 12V max 400mA
Input Sensitivity 1Vpp Max
Input Impedance <1M Ohm
Output Impedance < 100K Ohm (Unbalanced)
S/N ratio <90db
Effect Mix Level Max. 50%
Distortion max 2%THD
Estimated tube Life Up to 6000Hrs.
Larghezza (Width) 90 mm. (3,5”)
Lunghezza (Lenght) 130mm. (5,1”)
Altezza (Height) 50mm. (2”)
Peso (Weight) 0,4Kg. (1,5lbs)

Set the level of the repeats.

Set the delay time, increasing counterclockwise. From 35 up to 730ms.

Simulates the wearing out of the mechanical parts, adding a beautiful 3D modulation until noon, up to a slight random pitch shifting at max value.

TONE: it affects only the repeats like in the old Italian Echo, getting it brighter or darker, depending on how the feedback is settled.

LENGTH OF SWELL: feedback control. from 1 single repeat to infinite and self-oscillation.

BYPASS: on/off of the effect

TAP TEMPO: sets the delay time, working in junction of the control 2, the LED shows the bpm as selected by the footswitch.