“The Battle Rages On”

The Baroni JEVAL is a true 150 W rms Guitar Hybrid Amplifier that boasts a dual Channel TUBE Preamp section,
featuring a hi-voltage ECC82 tube that enriches sound, dynamics and harmonic content, adding warmth and a huge
bottom-end response typical of real Tube Amplifiers. The CALM channel is designed to recreate the warmth and
brilliance of Vintage Amps of “blackface” era, and it’s the perfect companion to your pedalboard. The RAGE Channel, is
designed after our award winning GURUS NINJA preamp pedal, which recreates the classic sound of ANGRIEST higain
amplifiers. We have fully recreated the behavior of a tube high-gain preamp section using a tube and a series of
FETs configured to recreate up to Six gain stages to obtain a huge amount of gain. Both channels
have separate tone stacks. Separate Gain and Volume for each channels, plus Master Volume and master Presence
complete the palette of colors available to create your perfect sound. Regarding the amp format, Baroni thought let’s do
something different…Let’s make a Desktop/ Cab Top amplifier. The JEVAL can fit on home studio’s desk, ready and
waiting for you when you’re ready to record that killer guitar track. Also the JEVAL looks right on stage on top of your
speaker cabinet. The wooden sides are easy detachable and let you use your JEVAL on your pedalboard as a pedal,
featuring a classic footswitch on its top panel to switch between the channels. A Remote Switching socket on the rear
panel, will work with any standard latching type footswitch, and let you change channels when using it as a desktop/
cab-top unit

Main: Power Consumption Max 190 W
Output Power: 150W rms @ 4 Ohm
75W rms @ 8 Ohm
40W rms @ 16 Ohm
Dimensions: 220mm. (8,6”) x 130mm. (5,1”) x 35mm. (1,3”) 

Total power efficiency: PO= 150W – 82%
THD +N @1Khz, full rated power, < 2% Output referenced idle noise - <91uV, A-weighted
Dynamic range: A-weighted – 110db
Bandwith: 20 Hz – 20Khz @ nominal power
Presence +/- 6db @ 3,5 Khz
Clean Channel Tonestack: Bass +/- 6db 60Hz
Middle +/- 6db 620Hz
Treble +/- 6db 6Khz
Drive Channel Tonestack: Bass +/- 6db 60Hz
Middle +/- 6db 680Hz
Treble +/- 6db 5,5KHz

– Ground/Lift Switch: Useful to avoid ground loop when using Line Out
connected to other grounded devices.

– CAB-Sim/Direct: JEVAL’s Line Out is equipped with a Cab-Sim based on a
2×12 loaded with Celestion V30 speakers with a Shure SM56 in front of it. The
Cab-Sim can be excluded by switching to Direct, when you want to use external plug-ins or IR devices to emulate other
kind of cabinets.

– FX Loop Series/Parallel: JEVAL’s buffered Fx Loop let you choose between Series or Parallel mode. Parallel mode is
highly suggested when you are using a digital effect, to prevent it converting all your signal into digital. Using Parallel
mode your original signal will be kept intact and completely analog, just by adding the effect on it . (Please note that
some effect pedals has already a “parallel” mix control, and may have an inverted phase. Using it with JEVAL’s Loop in
Parallel Mode may cause Phase issues. Keep the loop in Series mode in this case.)

NEVER connect your JEVAL Speaker Outs to the input of an amplifier or any other devices, Speaker
out must to go STRAIGHT into a passive guitar cabinet, from 4 to 16Ohm. Connecting it to a
Grounded device, may cause serious damage. Use the LINE OUT instead. (it works simultaneously
with Speakers out, but AFK150 can be used even without a cab connected for silent playing/recording).


1) A solid state amp, like any other amplifier, is not magical and even if it has a very high efficiency rate, it can’t produce
more energy than what it takes from electric network to operate. It uses a portion of that energy to power its own
circuits, maybe some lights, there’s some loss due by transformers and other components, part of this energy is
converted in heating and that’s why no circuit has 100% efficiency. That said , The JEVAL is a REAL 150 W RMS (that is
a standard measurement “Root Mean Square”) and in order to produce that 150 W RMS @4 Ohm, it has a total
maximum consumption of 190W from your wall socket…The power consumption must always be indicated on a device
label so, please be sure check it. If your “Amp” is rated 200 W (often without mentioning which kind of Watts, there’s
“musical” Watts, PMPO Watts,..) and the max power consumption is “55W”, there’s something wrong .. you may have
bought a “magical” device, something not quite what it should have been .. Long story short: The max power
consumption must always be bigger than the power produced.

2) A solid state amp’s total power halves when the impedance doubles. It means that the JEVAL can produce 150W rms
when connected to a 4 ohm cabinet, and goes down to 75 W rms @8 Ohm and 40W rms @ 16 Ohm. To calculate the
total impedance of your cabinet, remember that the impedance halves when 2 speakers are connected in parallel. (a
2×12” with two 8Ohm speakers connected in parallel gives you a total of 4 ohms.) We have equipped the JEVAL with 2
speakers output, already connected in parallel with each other, so you can connect two 8ohm cabinets to get a total of
4 Ohms and use your JEVAL at its full power to fit your needs in any situations.

3) Stand-By switch shut down the power section to mute everything when you have to quickly swap guitar or anything
else, but the tube preamp is still powered, to prevent delay time during tube pre-heating and keep it ready to play. To
preserve tube long life, disconnect the power plug when you want to fully switch off the whole device.


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