Hi-Voltage Tube Distortion

The Ninja, by Gurus is the father of all distortion pedals. Inside, the Ninja is free of ICs and clipping diodes.

The Ninja utilizes one of our proprietary designed HyperFET circuits, a Class A FET and real pre-amp tubes all working at a Hi-Voltage. This allows the Ninja to perfectly reproduce up to six luscious gain stages.

The Ninja is though quiet where it counts. Engineers at Gurus went to great efforts to bestow the Ninja with superlative tone and at the same time, ultra-low noise. This is accomplished through true bypass switching circuitry and gold pin relays. A succinct tone stack lets you accurately sculpt your tone as you like, whether it be a soaring lead tone, or killer rhythm parts.

Outside, we have also pushed the Ninja’s design to the limits. Engineered with our innovative housing of ultra-light Aero-Space aluminum, the screw free design is simply our most elegant, clean and functionally devised pedal ever. The Ninja is our first of a series of tube pedals in such a reasonable, smaller size with top-jack configurations

Power IN 12VDC max (negative Tip)
Consuptions at 12V 300mA
Input Impedance <1M ohm
Output Impedance <100K ohm
Tube JJ ECC83
Estimated tube Life Up to 5000Hrs
Width 90mm (3,54in.)
Length 127mm. (5in.)
Altezza (Height) 45mm. (2in.)
Peso (Weight) 0,7Kg. (1,5lbs)